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    "ESCOTT" S.A.
    22-100 CHELM

  • The priority business our company first of all is satisfaction our customers, also assurance our products first class. So every season the company introduce a few dozen new footwear design on the market which are latest in fashion world. In order company is to get leader position on the domestic market, also to create products of good quality in Europe.

    During the day - that is mean: nicely and cheap. The most important thing is comfort and to feel informally.

    Some people say that: "shoes are human basic" that is right. The right selection superbly emphasize elegance and dignified on special occasions.

    Lady`s and youth`s shoes escott that`s new fashion, new solutions and style - for everyone who think highly of comfort and uniqueness....

    Tradition of leather industry in Chełm goes back to 1969, when Ministry of Industry decide to build new footwear factory known by name Chełm`s Shoe Industry. Since 1974 as to liquidate produced over 80 mln pairs footwear.
    Leather Industrial factory ESCOTT S.A. come into being in 1995 and work with skilled workers Chełm`s Shoe Industry. Speciality of the Factory is production men`s, lady`s and youth`s footwear, made only from natural leathers. Currently our Company employ from 200 to 250 workers and they are produce about 1000 pairs a day. In1998 we activate new factory II in Skarżysko Kamienna.
    Footwear trademark ESCOTT is well-known at home and abroad - thanks to high quality products. We mainly export shoe on eastern market to: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, also to: Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia.
    Innovation, collaboration with highly valued good dealers at home and abroad, own construct-design office allow us to design new models shoes.
    The company has got quality certificate ISO 9001, also is winner a lot of awords and honorable on trade market in Poland A.O.T: "Gold Shoe". We also participate in fashion Demonstration in Poznań, Moscov, Kijov, Brno and Dusseldorf.
    In June 2001 Leather Industrial Factory ESCOTT become one of the founder of Academy Mark - Prestigious Club gather leaders polish economy.

    High standard and quality footwear are appreciated not only by customers, but also by trade experts A.O.T.:
    * Medal "Gold leather - Gold Shoe" in terms of men`s shoes "Footwear-leather 2002" 17-19 April 2002 in Łódź,
    * Honourables in competition "Gold Leather - Gold Shoe" in terms of men`s shoes "Footwear - Leather 2001" 14-16 November 2001 in Łódź,
    * Status Founder of Mark`s Academy 9 June 2001
    * Medal "Gold Leather-Gold Shoe" in terms of : outfit, "Footwear - Leather 2001" , 16-18 May 2001 in Łódź,
    * Medal "Gold leather - Gold Shoe" in terms of men`s shoes "Footwear-leather 2000" 15-17 November 2000 in Łódź,
    * Medal "Gold leather - Gold Shoe" in terms of men`s shoes "Footwear-leather 2000" 15-17 May 2000 in Łódź,
    * Gold Medal on V International Trade Chełm "East - West 97" 17-19 October 1997

    The Distributor which have exclusive rights to brand name shoe ESCOTT is new firm: PRESCOTT INVESTMENT GROUP S.A. The Head office is located in the productivity building 22-100 Chełm, ul. Wojsławicka 7. Any information concern retail or sell prices you can get calling to:
    tel/fax; +48 82 565 40 14
    +48 82 565 52 81
    or e-mail: prescott@escott.com.pl

    Marketing, Sell Department
    PRESCOTT INVESTMENT GROUP S.A. 22-100 Chełm, ul. Wojsławicka 7.

    tel/fax; +48 82 565 40 15
               +48 82 565 52 81

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